‘Good chance of a white Christmas!’ Carol Kirkwood issues SNOW warning for Christmas Day

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood teases a potential white Christmas

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Carol Kirkwood said temperatures are set to drop to 3C with a white Christmas expected in the north of Scotland. A white Christmas could be possible for some northern parts of the UK while much of the country is likely to see cold and bright weather, according to the Met Office. Ms Kirkwood said: “Where we’ve got the clear skies and frost is where we’ll start off with some sunshine.

“We’ve got more cloud developing across Northern Ireland and Scotland on Tuesday but for England and Wales there will be more sunshine than today.

“Temperatures from about 3C to 9C and still pretty breezy across the southwest and the Channel Islands.

“Is it going to be a white Christmas?

“For some of us across the north of Scotland, it might be!”

BBC presenter Sally Nugent remarked: “It’s not even Christmas Eve, you are spoiling us.”

Unsettled weather in the lead-up to Christmas is forecast to give way to colder, clearer conditions on December 25, the weather service said.

Met Office meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth told the PA news agency: “We could see some snow showers over the hills in northern parts of the UK – it’s probably the most likely place to see any snow.

“You couldn’t rule out some sleety snow further south than that, but there’s a really big question mark on it.”

BBC Weather: UK forecast shift to cooler temperatures

On the forecast for the week ahead, she said Sunday’s foggy, murky weather will clear for a cloudy but brighter Monday.

Skies will clear further into Tuesday, which, after a frosty start, will be bright and sunny, and is “likely to be the best day of the week”, Ms Shuttleworth said.

Wednesday will bring increasingly mild and unsettled weather.

While there is still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast for Thursday and Friday, there is likely to be a contrast in conditions for the north and the south, the Met Office said.


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Areas south of Wales could see milder temperatures, cloud and rain, while anywhere north from there could have more colder and brighter weather.

Ms Shuttleworth said: “It’s that boundary between the cold and the warm air which is where the uncertainty is, and that’s where the greatest risk of seeing any snow or sleet is.

“We’re expecting to see some snow in the lead-up to Christmas, but it is likely to be over high ground and if anything did fall at lower levels, we anticipate that to largely be quite sleety and to not last very long.”

That is most likely across the Midlands, northern England and Scotland, the forecaster said.

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