Gunman played Scrabble with parents on night before Paris shooting

Paris: Emergency services at scene following shooting

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Speaking since the murders took place, William Malet’s 90-year-old mother claimed her son had played Scrabble the night before with her and her husband. She said: “To think that the evening before, we played Scrabble as if nothing was wrong.”

She added: “We could sense that he had changed in prison. He had a blank stare, his movements were slow.

“He was like a zombie these past few days. But since he spoke very little, we didn’t suspect anything.”

Mr Malet lived alone in a flat in the centre of the capital next to his parents.

He had been released from police custody days before the December 23 attack.

Previously, he’d been held for 12 months in connection with a sword attack on migrants in a makeshift camp in Paris.

After his arrested, Mr Malet told police of his “pathological hatred” of migrants.

On Friday, December 23, three Kurdish people were shot dead and three others injured at a Kurdish cultural centre.

His victims included two well-known figures in the Kurdish community, Mir Perwer, who was a singer and Emine Kara, a feminist activist.

He claimed to have obtained a gun from a friend at his shooting club.

France: Protesters clash with police on streets of Paris

Following the shooting, Kurdish activists and anti-racism campaigners held protests in the city.

His father told Le Parisien the attack was an act of “totally disproportionate revenge”.

According to his father, Mr Malet’s hatred of foreigners began when his home was burgled in 2016 by three young men of north African heritage, two of whom were 17.


Mr Malet, who was 62, fought the burglars with a knife, leaving two of them with head and neck injuries.

His elderly father said: “William could never accept the idea that he could be tried for violence when all he had done was react to the intrusion of three people into his home”.

His mother claimed that the burglary “increased his rage against foreigners tenfold.”

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