Harry’s ‘affection’ towards Kate at wedding which Wills mirrored with Meghan

Prince Harry displayed signs of affection and admiration towards Kate Middleton during her wedding a decade ago, a relationship signal that was mirrored by brother Prince William to Meghan Markle, a body language expert explained.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wedded at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011, with today marking their 10th anniversary.

In a look back at the couple's Royal Wedding, William had showed his close relationship with his brother Harry, who stood by his side as his best man.

Body language expert Judi James reviewed the archive footage of the wedding and said Harry shared "delight and affection" for both William and Kate.

While the groom kept his stance facing towards the altar until the very last minute, Harry couldn't help but turned to look at his sister-in-law as she walked down the aisle.

He gave a long, lingering glance at Kate and let out a part-smile, which Judi said suggested "affection and admiration for Kate and how she was looking".

Judi exclusively told Daily Star: "Harry looked excited and happy and as he turned with his smile curling up into his signature naughty grin he looked directly as his brother to apparently tell him that Kate looked beautiful.

"With William still staring ahead, Harry rocked on his feet as his grin widened, clearly enjoying the fun of watching William try to perform a poker face.

"In the end Harry looked down but his emotional cues suggested shared delight and affection for both his brother and his bride."

The scene was almost mirrored seven years later on May 19, 2018, when Harry married Meghan Markle at St George's Chapel inside Windsor Castle.

Big brother William took up the role as Harry's best man and provided "much-needed support and calm" to Harry on his big day.

In the 2018 wedding clip, the brothers were chatting to each other at the altar when they were waiting for Meghan to arrive.

Harry put away his "famously relaxed" look and appeared overwhelmed with emotions while William tried to make light of the moment and put on a big grin.

Judi analysed the two princes and explained: "As the brothers sat side-by-side their almost total body language mirroring reminded us of how close they had been all their lives, with their matching forward steepled hand gesture and their leg splay.

"Unlike William, Harry's wife was walking alone up the aisle with only her mother watching from her side of the chapel and the way Harry kept peering back, rubbing his lips with his thumb, suggested his thoughts were for her and that she was ok back there alone.

"William’s fond smile every time he looked back suggested a similar sense of overall affection as Harry was feeling on his wedding day, but once Meghan was in sight it was clear from Harry’s besotted facial expression that she was the sole focus of his attention from that point onwards."

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