Horrified parents discovered unborn baby had 9cm tumour ‘bigger than his head’

A baby who was born prematurely with an extremely rare tumour "bigger than his head" is now undergoing chemotherapy at just three weeks old.

Mum and dad, Hayley and Gary Rolfe say their "world came crumbling down" when they were told their baby had a 9cm tumour at 32-weeks pregnant, TeessideLive reports.

The new parents, from Middlesbrough, say they felt "numb" after discovering their son "could possibly have cancer" at such a young age.

After monitoring the mum-to-be for a number of weeks, the 29-year-old was booked in for a caesarean section at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary on April 30.

However, the couple's bundle of joy decided to make an early appearance at just 36 weeks.

"Fighter" Cameron was born on April 28 by emergency c-section at James Cook University Hospital.

The "tiny little dot" weighed just 6lb and 9.5oz – but they believe "most of that was tumour".

The three-week-old baby is now undergoing treatment at the Newcastle hospital where he is expected to remain for between six and 12 months.

Thankfully, doctors have ruled the tumour is not cancerous.

Mum-of-two Hayley, speaking on her way to stay with her newborn son in hospital, said she went to a "normal growth scan" and doctors found something on the scan "that wasn't right".

The couple only knew that it was a rare tumour on his left arm and the chances of it happening to someone is "one in 100,000".

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"We were numb," Hayley said. "Our world just came crumbling down.

"Being told your unborn baby might have cancer is just a whole different ball game."

Due to Cameron's tumour, doctors booked Hayley in for a caesarean section on April 30 at the Newcastle hospital.

Hayley said she was unable to deliver her baby naturally because the tumour was "bigger than his head".

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However, Cameron made his arrival on April 28 by emergency C-section at James Cook University Hospital as "there wasn't enough time to blue light us to Newcastle".

The tiny bundle of joy arrived just before 3.25pm but was transferred to the Royal Victoria Infirmary the same night.

Due to his condition, Hayley and Gary, 38, were unable to enjoy the first moments with their baby as he was put into an incubator.

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Hayley was able to see her newborn son twice but was unable to hold him before he was transferred.

Cameron remains in hospital and in his three short weeks has had four blood transfusions, chemotherapy and is on "constant" antibiotics.

Doctors carried out a biopsy on the tumour and found that it was not cancerous. He has since been diagnosed with infantile myofibroma.

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He is currently undergoing chemotherapy which is hoped will shrink the tumour.

Following the treatment, Cameron may have the tumour operated on or his arm possibly amputated.

Cameron still has "full use of his arm" despite the tumour which is located near his shoulder on the top part of his arm.

Hayley added: "At the minute because it's so big they don't want to risk operating because he's so little.

"I'd say it's just as big as his head."

Hayley and Gary are able to stay with their newborn son at the hospital but are rotating in order to look after their four-year-old son at home.

Cameron's tumour developed due to a gene in his body and the family "did everything they could right" during pregnancy.

Hayley has also set up a fundraising page to help with travel costs, food and clothing during Cameron's road to recovery.

The GoFundMe page has raised £635 of the £1,000 goal, and donations can be made here.

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