How many kids did Bernie Madoff have?

BERNIE Madoff, the fraudster behind largest Ponzi scheme in history died in prison today, April 14, 2021 at the age of 82.

Madoff, who was sentenced to 150 years in prison in June of 2009, committed fraud in the amount of around $65billion.

How many kids did Bernie Madoff have?

Madoff had two kids during his life, both sons, Mark and Andrew Madoff. Both sons were with his wife, Ruth Madoff.

Ruth and Bernie met in high school, graduating in 1958 and marrying the next year. While Ruth went to Queens College, Bernie attended Hofstra

While Ruth eventually worked for Bernie's firm, she first worked in the stock market.

While working for Bernie's firm, Ruth established the Madoff Charitable Foundation.

Their eldest son, Mark, was born in March of 1964, and their youngest, Andrew, was born in April of 1966.

Are Bernie Madoff's sons still alive?

Since Bernie's arrest and sentencing, both of his sons have passed away.

During a further investigation, both brothers were facing similar charges to their father.

Exactly two years after his father's arrest, Mark was found dead by an apparent suicide by hanging in his Manhattan apartment.

Andrew was diagnosed with cancer in 2003, but the disease went into remission.

A year after the death of his brother and two years after the sentencing of his father, Andrew's cancer returned in 2011.

After a three year battle with the return of the cancer, Andrew died in September of 2014 during treatment.

How did Madoff die?

Madoff's reported cause of death was of natural causes, due to his advanced age.

Madoff had been experiencing ongoing health complications due to age for some time before his death.

While in prison of December 2013, Madoff suffered from a heart attack. It was also known the he suffered from end-stage renal disease as well.

End-stage renal disease is a disease in which there is gradual loss of kidney function, over period of months to years.

In court documents filed by his lawyer in February 2020, Madoff was announced to be suffering from chronic kidney failure.

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