Huge shark spotted swimming under kayakers in ‘surreal nose-to-nose’ moment

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    A huge shark was filmed having a "nose-to-nose" moment with two kayakers when it emerged to water surface right next to them.

    Louise Barker, 33, and pal Becky Hatchett, got on a double kayak and went for a trip along the the coast of West Cork in Ireland.

    And to their surprise, they spotted a "stunning creature" to swimming towards them.

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    In the video Louise shared on Twitter, she pointed the camera to the front of her kayak and showed a dark shadow in the water.

    She gasped and panned slowly as the shark swam slowly right under and its fin brushed right alongside her.

    "Oh, ssssshhhhh…" she said while Becky was holding her laugh at the back."

    They stopped paddling and waited as the shark circled around them until it swam further out to the deep water.

    Louise said: "Had a little bump from a curious basking shark off the West Cork coast yesterday. What a stunning creature.

    "It was a pretty surreal experience having this curious guy pop up next to us. Such a gentle giant."

    Louise headed out on her first kayaking trip of the year with Becky, 46, on Monday.

    "We had perfect weather conditions, so we headed out in Becky's double kayak, and it did not disappoint.

    "We had heard about recent basking shark sightings along the coast and we were hoping to catch a glimpse of a fin."

    "I wasn't expecting to come nose-to-nose with one."

    Becky, an artist and member of the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group, shared: "We've seen minke whales, basking sharks and dolphins from the same spot as it's a very popular feeding ground for wildlife."

    The two friends met during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and became "swimming buddies".

    She added: "During Covid, there were so many more sightings, when the fishing boats weren't around, but now with the trawlers out we don't see as much activity."


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