Hyundai unveils car that can drive ‘sideways like crab’ with four-wheel steering

Hyundai has announced a new car with a steering system that will allow it to drive sideways like a crab.

The new e-Corner steering system means each wheel can turn up to 90 degrees independently of each other.

This is due to the electric motors in the wheel hub containing a steering and suspension system.

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Although the new system is currently in development, motorists could get their hands on the vehicle as early as 2025.

The unique four-wheel steering offers modes including Crab Driving, Zero Turning, Diagonal Driving and Pivot Turning.

Crab Driving will turn the rear wheels to mimic the angle of the front wheels so that they can move diagonally.

The experts say this will offer greater performances during off-roading and while parking.

Hyundai’s e-Corner system mirrors GMC’s Hummer EV’s ‘Crab Walk’ feature. They also mimicked the Hummer EV’s Diagonal Driving mode.

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During this setting, each wheel turns 90 degrees, making turning around quickly easier.

When set to Zero Turning, the vehicle’s wheels turn around 45 degrees so you can do a 360 spin.

Similarly, Pivot Turning does the same thing only with a larger turning radius.

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The four-wheel steering configuration was only recently demonstrated virtually within Hyundai’s Ioniq5 electric sedan.

The South Korean auto manufacturer debuted its new Ioniq5 last Wednesday at India’s 2023 Auto Expo.

The Ioniq5 has up to 320 horsepower and massive 20-inch aerodynamic wheels, which help produce its 303-mile range.


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