‘I broke mould for OnlyFans stars and now I earn s***loads,’ brags Brit wrestler

British wrestler Nadia Sapphire has told how she “broke the mould” for wrestlers when it comes to joining OnlyFans.

Wales-born Nadia, 30, has been wrestling since she was 16.

But her career was thrust into the spotlight in recent years when she joined OnlyFans – and she was one of the first in the industry to do it.

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She was originally against doing so, despite an ex-boyfriend urging her to do so, because she felt she would be “shame” for doing so.

That was until four years ago when she saw someone else on it and thought “f*** it”.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star from the United States where she's been on a wrestling tour, she said: “I wanted to break the stigma – and it's the best thing I have ever done.

“I'm out here now, in California, making a living off my OnlyFans. I can travel the world and do what I want and make money.

“During the pandemic, you saw so many wrestlers start up on OnlyFans, including people who got released from WWE.

“I feel like we've basically broken the stigma for it and it's now an accepted thing to do.

“When I first joined, you'd have people horribly b****ing about us being on the site and now we've made it so anyone in wrestling can have that extra income, and it's great.

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“It's called OnlyFans for a reason – it's literally for your fans.”

Nadia's account is more racier than most in the industry.

Although she wouldn't specify what she makes, she admits that it falls into the category of “s***loads”. She did, however say that she makes enough for her and her mum to go on holiday four times a year.

She has, as usual with OnlyFans, had some strange requests – which once landed her in trouble with her mum.

A fan asked her to sit in a bath filled with two things you would never normally see together.

“I was asked to sit in a bath filled with Greek yoghurt, custard and oxtail soup – and I did it, and it was so much fun.

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“I was in my bathroom, recording it and I had to pour this soup all over my hair and all over my body.

“It was an epic evening. The bathroom stunk after, and it looked like there was like an explosion in there.

“My mum was like: 'Oh my God, why did you do this?'.

“Another time, on my birthday, I was made to wear big granny panties and make make a cake in them – so I'm pouring the custard down and putting the flour down and just making a cake.

“I was paid around £500-£600 for that, so I was happy.”

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In-ring, Nadia has no plans on stopping.

She picked fellow OnlyFans star and AEW wrestler Toni Storm as someone she would love to face in the ring.

Like Toni, sees the two things as going hand-in-hand career-wise– but does foresees a possible career in the adult industry in the future.

She explained: “OnlyFans has really opened my mind to the adult industry, and it's something which I'm really interested in.

“I'd love to eventually maybe do webcam or some domination style stuff.

“It's just really opened my mind to it.”

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