‘I took my pooch for a trim and they gave me back the wrong dog’

A dog owner was shocked when she brought her pet to the groomer and he came back looking completely different.

Colyn Montanez, from the Philippines, had a Shih Tzu with long hair covering its eyes and she decided to take her pooch for a trim before the summer weather hit.

But she was shocked when she picked him up at the shop.

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"The groomer gave me the wrong dog!" Colyn said in the video, showing Lulla's transformation.

Before the visit to the groomer, little Lulla can be seen standing on a table – his overgrown fur is covering his eyes and the white and grey colour turns dull.

But after the session, the lovely "fur ball" looks nothing like before.

It appears that the groomer had shaved off all of Lulla's coat – from top to bottom including his tail.

Lulla looked grumpy with his snaggletooth sticking out in a photo.

Viewers were left in stitches and shared their thoughts in the comments.

"He went from a Shih Tzu to a Chihuahua," one posted with laughing emojis.

"Oh my gosh, what happened?" another wrote, while a third joked: "Yoda is that you?"

Many said his dog was giving an "angry stare" at Colyn and agreed that it's "definitely the wrong dog".

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Colyn explained that the groomer took the executive decision to shave the entire coat.

She said: "Shih Tzus need long coat for protection from heat and cold. It requires high maintenance and when their hair gets tangled, it can cause skin irritation.

"That's what the groomer Don said. At that time, Lulla had really matted fur, because he probably pooped himself.

"He couldn't just bathe him because he had a difficulty to sit down, my groomer tried everything and decided to cut the hair."


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