I'm CONVINCED I've seen a UFO on my Amazon Kindle stargazing app

I’m CONVINCED I’ve seen a UFO on my Amazon Kindle stargazing app… what else could travel that fast in the sky?

  • EXCLUSIVE:  A Surrey pensioner thinks he has found a UFO on his Amazon Kindle
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A pensioner believes he’s stumbled onto proof that aliens exist and he is convinced the government and international space agencies are trying to cover up the truth. 

Retired photographer Julian Heath, who lives in the leafy enclave of Wallington in Surrey, has taken to stargazing with the help of the subscription app Stellarium, which he installed on his Amazon Kindle Fire. 

The app allows users to explore the solar system and track satellites in real-time, which led Julian to his rogue discovery: a small ‘alien’ craft travelling around the world every six seconds. 

‘I think it’s alien, we’ve got nothing in this world that would travel round the world at that speed, Julian tells MailOnline. 

‘There’s nothing that Earthlings can produce that can travel that fast.’ 

Retired photographer Julian Heath is convinced he has found a UFO on a stargazing app

The pensioner claims to have spotted the object on his Amazon Kindle and he claims it can orbit the earth in six seconds 

Julien stumbled across his new hobby while browsing the apps on his Amazon Kindle and freely admits he’s not an expert in the field. 

He continued: ‘It’s quite a fascinating thing to watch, because you can see when the sun is rising and you can see the satellites in the sky. 

‘You can also see the constellations and track how slow or how fast the satellites are moving. 

‘I was looking at it a few days ago and suddenly this thing zoomed across the the screen.’ 

The object that caught Julien’s eye was a small satellite which appeared to be zooming around the planet once every six seconds.  

Assuming it was a bug, Julien thought nothing of the phenomenon but when he relogged onto the app a few days later it appeared again. 

His suspicions raised, Julian began his search for the truth, but claims he has been frustrated by a lack of transparency from government agencies. 

He continued: ‘I hadn’t realised at the time that it has a tag on it, which means that the powers that be know about it.

‘It’s clearly travelling around the world at great heights and seems to slightly shift to the right every single scan. 

‘It has to be some kind of UFO, and it looks as though it’s scanning the world.

‘I did rather stupidly go and stand out in the garden one clear night and look up at where it was, but at that speed you wouldn’t see anything anyway.

‘Somebody knows about it, and they’re keeping quiet about it.

‘I tried the Home Office and I tried the Ministry of Defence, but not one of them has any sort of contact details on their website for the public. 

‘They obviously don’t want people like me sending emails to them.’ 

With no clarity on the matter, Julien has taken to watching the skies from his garden

Julian believes that as the object has been tagged government agencies must be aware of it

With no clarity as of yet, Julian says he has had to confide in his wife who is less enthused by his discovery than himself.  

He said: ‘I’ve told my wife and she sort of looks at me with a stare, and doesn’t say a word. I know she thinks I’m nuts.

‘Other friends I’ve told as well but as they don’t have the app it’s hard to explain.’ 

According to Brown University, the fastest time in which a man made satellite can complete an orbit of the earth is 90 minutes. 

MailOnline has approached Stellarium for more information on the strange object. 

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