Inside luxury life of Putin’s spokesman’s daughter after ‘Spartan life’ claims

The spokesman of possibly-dead possibly-alive Russian President Vladimir Putin has been ridiculed for claiming his 25-year-old daughter had a “spartan lifestyle” – despite her flaunting her lavishness all over Instagram.

Dmitry Peskov was talking to Russia's student news channel MGIMO 360 when he claimed Elizaveta Dmitrievna had never had a “silver spoon in her mouth”. He said: “She had a very challenging life, a difficult education, not only in Russia – she studied in France as well. And she always lived there very poorly, in very Spartan conditions.

“She was never a cake eater. She had to overcome a huge number of difficulties. She’s been searching for her calling for a long time. And thank God that now she has settled down and everything is normal.

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“It is one thing if you are truly a mazhor (rich person who lives off their parents money) and you’re a pig in clover, when you’ve got nothing to aspire to. It’s quite another when every day you need to overcome problems: where to rent accommodation a bit more cheaply, how to save money so that you can buy yourself a new pair of jeans at the end of the month.”

However, a quick look her the woman's social media pages show the total opposite. The woman, who has a whopping 225k followers on Instagram, appears to be living the live of someone enjoying the best of everything.

One snaps shows her standing in a giant exclusive changing room having been styled by top Russian stylist Aleko, while another shows her sitting around a fancy table, wearing knee-high PVC boots and a giant gold watch.

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Other pictures show her attending art gallery, sporting events, and bizarrely walking in the kiddle of a road wearing a fancy expensive outfit. The latter is accompanied by a caption stating: “The incredible beauty of the wedding ceremony of @grand_duke_george_of_russia and @rebecca_bettarini in Isaac's Cathedral for the first time in a century!?

“I am very happy to have the opportunity to attend an event that is simply interesting to revisit and learn history, and to meet so many interesting people from all over the world!”

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She does also do the standard influencer stuff of attending the gym at 6.36am, as her most recent Instagram story post shows. Her social media is seemingly no longer used for feed posts, as her last one was 22 weeks ago – her content is now purely on stories.

Her Telegram also hasn't been used for a long time. The Daily Star has reached out to Elizaveta for a comment.

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