Israeli mum whose kids were snatched by Hamas ‘animals’ blasts woke TV host

Mother of Israeli hostages Renana Gomeh on counterstrikes

An Israeli mother whose two sons were taken hostage by Hamas terrorists lost her patience with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell when asked how she feels about Israel’s counterstrikes in Gaza.

A visibly irate ana Gomeh, whose two sons age 12 and 16 were kidnapped by Hamas, lashed out at the host, insisting that there was no moral equivalence between Hamas’ atrocities and Israel’s response in Gaza.

“You’re looking for a symmetrical situation and I must say, there isn’t. If you’re dealing with a war between two countries, countries don’t take children hostage,” the Israeli mom said.

She continued: “I can’t be sympathetic anymore. I can’t be sympathetic to animal human beings — well, they’re not really human beings — who came into my house, broke everything.

“Stole everything, took my children from their bedrooms and took them to the Gaza Strip.”

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Meanwhile, Israeli warplanes hammered the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, reducing buildings to rubble and sending people scrambling to find safety in the tiny, sealed-off territory now suffering severe retaliation for the deadly weekend attack by Hamas militants.

Humanitarian groups pleaded for the creation of corridors to get aid into Gaza and warned that hospitals overwhelmed with wounded people were running out of supplies.

Israel has stopped entry of food, fuel and medicines into Gaza, and the sole remaining access from Egypt shut down Tuesday after airstrikes hit near the border crossing.

The war, which has claimed at least 1,900 lives on both sides, is expected to escalate. Hamas savages are already killing innocent babies.

The weekend attack that Hamas said was retribution for worsening conditions for Palestinians under Israeli occupation has inflamed Israel’s determination to crush the group’s hold in Gaza.

New exchanges of fire over Israel’s northern borders with militants in Lebanon and Syria on Tuesday pointed to the risk of an expanded regional conflict.

Hamas militants stormed into Israel on Saturday morning, slaying hundreds of residents in homes and streets near the Gaza border and bringing gunbattles to Israeli towns for the first time in decades. Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza hold about 150 soldiers and civilians hostage, according to Israel.

Israel stepped up its offensive on Tuesday, expanding the mobilization of reservists to 360,000.

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Israel’s military said it had regained effective control over areas Hamas attacked in its south and of the Gaza border.

A looming question is whether Israel will launch a ground assault into Gaza — a 40-kilometer-long (25-mile) strip of land wedged among Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean Sea that is home to 2.3 million people and has been governed by Hamas since 2007.

Rescue officials in Gaza said “large numbers” of people were still trapped under the remnants of leveled buildings, with rescue equipment and ambulances unable to reach the area.

In a new tactic, Israel is warning civilians to evacuate neighborhood after neighborhood, and then inflicting devastation, in what could be a prelude to a ground offensive.

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