Ivanka Trump brutal snub as Miami locals to ‘steer clear’ of Donald’s daughter – source

Ivanka Trump discusses being ‘competitive’ like her father in 2014

Donald Trump’s daughter was criticised for calling the protesters who stormed Capitol Hill in January American “patriots”. According to reports, Ivanka and Jared left their Washington home for a luxury condo in Miami.

An insider told OK magazine: “Miami is a very liberal town. What will happen when these two want to go to restaurants or shop in town?

“They will need a constant security presence and will disrupt everywhere they go.”

A former friend of Ivanka claimed nobody with “self-respect” would be seen mingling with the couple.

The ex-friend told Vanity Fair: “They’ll be welcomed back by people who know the Trumps are as close as they’ll get to power.

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“But everyone with self-respect, a career, morals, respect for democracy, or who doesn’t want their friends to shame them both in private and public will steer clear.”

Another long-time former acquaintance told the magazine: “They will probably be welcomed by real estate types and that group of Upper East Side and Palm Beach families that read about themselves in Quest magazine but don’t matter.”

The source added: “There will always be private dinner parties for them to attend, but they will be the entertainment.

“And Ivanka is no Princess Margaret and Jared is not the Duke of Windsor regaling guests with amusing bon mots to a captive audience.

“No one wants to hear about Sarah Huckabee’s pies or Steve Bannon’s shirts.”

During the storming of the Capitol last month, Ivanka took to Twitter and called the pro-Trump rioters “American Patriots”.

She tweeted: “American Patriots – any security breach or disrespect to our law enforcement is unacceptable. The violence must stop immediately. Please be peaceful.”

Ivanka later deleted the tweet.

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She then tweeted after a backlash: “No. Peaceful protest is patriotic. Violence is unacceptable and must be condemned in the strongest terms.”

Earlier this month, reports said Ivanka and Jared were welcomed into Miami with a giant billboard reminding people of how she called the Capitol mob “patriots”.

Meidas Touch had crowdfunded money to have a billboard truck with Ivanka’s face plastered on it with the caption: “Ivanka called the Capitol terrorists ‘patriots’.”

The van was seen driving up and down Ivanka’s new Miami neighbourhood.

Mr Trump became the first US President to be impeached twice after he was charged by the House of Representatives with “incitement of insurrection” following the violent protests at Capitol Hill.

His Senate trial will decide whether he can ever run for US President again.

In the impeachment article, the Democrats accused Mr Trump of issuing false statements in the run up to President Biden’s certification.

They also claimed Mr Trump incited violence before Mr Biden’s certification at the Capitol during a speech he made to his supporters.

The article read: “[Mr Trump] wilfully made statements that, in context, encouraged — and foreseeably resulted in — lawless action at the Capitol, such as: ‘if you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore’.”

In a tweet on the day the Capitol was stormed, Mr Trump said the protesters were “great patriots” who had been “badly and unfairly treated for so long”.

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