Joe Biden warned against running again by Democrats as approval ratings in US plummet

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Voters have given his age as a top factor for not wishing him to run again, despite his insistence that he will attempt to win a second term.

President Biden is currently 79, turning 80 in November, which would make him nearly 82 when the next election is held.

His approval rating currently sits at 33 percent as the American public rail against high inflation and a wave of violent crime, reported The Times.

This low level has not been seen since 1946 when Harry Truman was presiding over a country also troubled by strikes and high inflation.

According to a Siena College poll for The New York Times, over three quarters of registered US voters believe the country is moving in the wrong direction.

The poll claimed it had found that “a pervasive sense of pessimism spans every corner of the country, every age range and racial group, cities, suburbs and rural areas, as well as both political parties”.

Donald Trump, who was President from 2016-2020, has also announced possible plans to run again, despite him being 78 by the time of the next election.

He wrote on his social media page Truth Social: “President Biden is one of the oldest 79s in History, but by and of itself, he is not an old man.

“There are many people in their 80s, and even 90s, that are as good and sharp as ever.

“Biden is not one of them, but it has little to do with his age. In actuality, life begins at 80!”

If Trump were to run against the current POTUS there is still hope that he could win, as he won 44 percent approval in a poll hypothetically pitting him against the ex-President, who scored 41 percent.

Young Democrats are the most against President Biden, with 90 percent of voters under 30 saying they would like to see him replaced with a different candidate on the next ballot paper.

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The reasons ranged from his age (33 percent), his job performance (32 percent), “prefer someone new” (12 percent) and “not progressive enough” (10 percent).

President Biden has been blasted for being too passive over gun crime in the wake of multiple horrific shootings.

After being heckled by a father who lost his son in the Parkland shooting in Florida in 2018, the President said: ”Assault weapons should be banned . . . I’m not going to stop until we do it.”

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