Meghan and Harry ‘bit more off than they could chew’ as senior royals

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry made a big mistake in the early part of their royal life, an expert has claimed.

By jumping into their duties headfirst and wanting to do 'everything at once' they may have 'shot themselves in the foot', Russell Myers has said.

Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary this week, and the royal expert has noted that they gradually stepped up their work over time.

They initially were quiet in the first few years and spent time laying the groundwork that would benefit them later on, writes The Express.

Once they gained their bearings they began taking on bigger projects around four years ago, it's said.

However, experts have said this is contrasting to Meghan and Harry, 36, who were keen to get stuck in straight away.

It's argued this is where they "went wrong" as they potentially bit off more than they could chew.

Pod Save the Queen, hosted by Ann Gripper and Russell Myers, analysed the two different approaches to royal life by the foursome.

Mr Myers said: “When you look at the 10-year period, and certainly Kate didn't want to rush into the job and certainly she didn’t, because it's taken her this amount of time to really get to grips with those major issues."

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He went on: “Things that will have societal change and maybe not instantly, maybe not 10 years, but will over the course of her royal life, maybe a generation or two that she’s laid the foundations for.

“And I think that was always the key, there was never any pressure on her to jump into things.

“And perhaps, playing devil’s advocate, on the other side, that’s perhaps where Harry and Meghan went wrong, because they just wanted to do everything straight away.

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“They were asking questions why they couldn't do this, that and the other and they wanted to do everything very, very instantly and so that’s why they’ve gone their own way.

“Whereas for William and Kate, it’s always been a marathon and not a sprint."

Mr Myers went on to say that the benefits of keeping to a slower pace has been seen in recent years.

Experts have analysed the relationships of both royal brothers, first, Harry met Meghan in 2016 and the pair were engaged the following year before tieing the knot in 2018. On the other hand, William and Kate dated for over eight years before getting engaged.

Meghan and Harry have spoken about mental health and social injustices and continue that work after stepping down as senior royals.

Harry recently secured a job at a Silicon Valley startup BetterUp as a Chief Impact Officer, which offers "personalised coaching, content, and care designed to transform lives and careers".

Meghan, 39, also recently encouraged young girls to 'challenge injustice' while on a virtual roundtable with a group of teenagers part of the US non-profit organisation Girls Inc.

The pair set up their Archewell Foundation where they speak of 'Compassion in Action' and hope to drive cultural change over time.

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