Millionaire-turned-beggar jailed for attacking bloke with his daughter, 12

A former millionaire businessman who ended up begging on the streets has been jailed for beating up an innocent man in front of his daughter.

In a moving statement, the victim told how he was scared a pair of thugs would turn on his daughter and still feels unsafe in his own home after Dominic Hudson and Paul Bloomfield followed them home.

He struggled to smile or talk after the assault and finds it difficult to take his daughter to school following the harrowing incident.

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Hudson who was once said to be worth "in excess of £1m" after setting up two debt recovery firms, attacked mature student Neil McCann who challenged him and his friend over their boorish behaviour towards two women.

During the assault have-a-go hero Mr McCann who is in is 40s, ushered his daughter Marie away to safety but was savagely punched and kicked by Hudson who was carrying a blade and Paul Bloomfield.

The victim suffered a 20cm cut to his left cheek and a 3cm deep wound to his chin, the Mirror reports.

Hudson, 47, from Sale, Greater Manchester had a severe drug addiction and had been drinking vodka in the run up to the attack. He kept a knuckleduster at his home whilst a pair of blood stained scissors were found at the scene.

At Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, Hudson senior and career criminal Bloomfield, 47, who lives next door to him, admitted causing grievous bodily harm upon Mr McCann and having an offensive weapon and were each jailed for 40 months.

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The incident occurred on August 1 last year as Mr McCann had been walking home with his daughter in Sale and saw Hudson and Bloomfield tussling with the two women on the opposite side of the road.

In a statement Mr McCann told police: "I was terrified I would be seriously injured. I have had difficulty smiling and talking and had to see a specialist.

"The ordeal has affected my university studies and even taking my daughter to school is really stressful. I cant go to bed anymore unless my door is locked. I no longer feel safe in own home

"I just wanted to protect her but these men seemed to disregard the fact she was there. There was two of them and one of him, they were significantly bigger than me and and they had weapons.

"I was scared for my life and that of my daughter. I was only trying to help someone but I will be more reluctant to help others in future."

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In mitigation for Hudson defence counsel Patrick Buckley said: "He was once a very successful person worth in excess of £1 million and involved in business but from those heights he went very quickly to fighting in the street and begging for heroin.

"He recognised his behaviour was utterly unacceptable and wants to work towards a drug free future. However that is only going to be achieved by third party intervention at a very high level."


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