Moment thief brazenly breaks into a white van and steals tools

Moment thief brazenly breaks into a white van and steals tools on another day in Lawless London

  • An alleged thief wearing a high-vis jacket is seen robbing tools in just seconds 

Shocking video has emerged allegedly showing a brazen ‘serial thief’ robbing vans for tools in broad daylight.

The video was recorded in Camden, North West London, yesterday.

It shows an alleged thief walking away from one van, jumping into a black car and then driving to another van just a few yards away.

The suspected tool thief, wearing a high-vis jacket, medical mask and black cap, gets out of the car before looking around to see if the coast is clear.

Then, he pulls out a tool of some kind to break the lock, opens the door, and grabs an item before jumping back into his car and driving away – all within a matter of seconds.

A post shared by Stolen Tools UK (@stolen_tools_uk_)

The thief can be shown in a high-vis jacket breaking the lock, stealing the tools and running away

It was posted on a dedicated Instagram page called stolen_tools_uk_ which claims it is just one of many tool thefts recorded in the capital city.

The page also claims tool thievery in London is so bad that it is a ‘pandemic’.

The Instagram post reads: ‘This scumbag is well known and has done many vans over the past year.

‘We have lost count now how many victims there are to this thief!

‘Look how brazen they are with no care or worry about being caught in broad daylight @metpolice_uk

‘Huge pandemic right now in the UK with tool theft and it’s just being swept under the carpet.’

People reacted to the post in complete shock at the video.

One person said: ‘Fuming! This low life done my van back in October last year. Please I hope one day we cross paths.’

Someone else added: ‘Shouldn’t be that easy to get into a £30k van.’

The video was filmed in North West London yesterday and apparently shows the thief robbing the tools in just a matter of seconds

Another said: ‘That’s ridiculous for a £30k+ motor.

‘Companies have got to do something about the security on these vans!’

One person added: ‘Disgusting how the met let this happen @metpolice_uk.

‘When you gonna do your job? More interested in catching people from speeding then dealing with real crime.’

And one person joked: ‘Need to start setting up dummy vans with a few lads in the back!’

Mail Online contacted the Met Police for comment.

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