Moment thrillseekers scream for help as they’re left upside down ‘for 30 mins' after amusement park ride breaks down | The Sun

THIS was the haunting moment thrillseekers were stuck upside down for around half an hour after an amusement park ride broke down.

Footage from TikTok showed riders desperately screaming for help as they were hanging inverted in the faulty attraction in Ontario, Canada.

The clip captured the terrified passengers stuck high up at the Wonderland Lumberjack ride, which seemed to have stopped mid-loop.

"Is everyone doing OK up there?" someone asks from the ground.

They immediately get several "no" replies.

"They're upside down.

"Oh my God. No way," the clip continues.

The stuck thrillseekers then yell: "Help me!"

The park's maintenance team responded to the incident and managed to bring all passengers down and assessed by first aid staff.

But before their arrival, despair and tension were mounting as dozens of onlookers watched the horror scene in shock.

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Two guests complained of chest pains before being released without any need for further medical attention, local media reported.

The ride remains closed and an investigation is now under way.

In India, a festivalgoer had moments of terror after her hair got stuck in a Ferris wheel.

The ordeal occurred in the Indian town of Dwarka during the Shireshwar Carnival in Khambhalia, Gujarat, when a woman's hair became trapped in the fairground ride.

The woman yelled in agony as her hair became entangled in the massive swinging structure which could have taken her life had staff not acted quickly enough.

The footage shows the victim was not able to move an inch as her entire hair was pulled by the shaft.

The funfair staff immediately hurried to stop the Ferris wheel.

When the joyride came to a stop, the brave men clambered onto the swing to disentangle her hair at a height of 25 feet.

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