My neighbour keeps blowing leaves into my garden – they’re obviously from HIS trees but people say I’M the problem | The Sun

A WOMAN who filmed her nightmare neighbour blowing leaves into her garden was left dumbfounded after receiving backlash online.

Kimber Turbeville (@queenkimber92) uploaded the video onto TikTok claiming that she had already asked the neighbour to stop his leaf-blowing.

However, the man continued with his antics regardless.

The video shows the woman filming from inside her house as she watches her neighbour blow leaves into her garden from the other side of the fence.

She has accompanied it with the caption: "When your neighbour blows all his leafs into your yard."

Her grass is barely visible underneath the mound of leaves, which has almost covered the entirety of the floor in that area.

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And while the leaves continue to build up on Kimber's side of the fence, her neighbour's garden appears spotless.

There are a number of trees visible in the video, yet none of them appear to growing from Kimber's garden.

And what makes the behaviour of her neighbour even more bizarre is that there appear to be at least three trees on his property.

After one viewer told Kimber that it may have been better to talk to the neighbour rather than film him, she claimed that she "already did that months ago."

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However, one key detail in the video is that the fence separating the two gardens is made of mesh, where holes are visible.

And unfortunately for Kimber, there were some people who showed little sympathy for her in the comment section.

One user said: "Your yard looks like the problem."

Another commented: "There is a fence. It looks like he’s blowing the bottom of the fence of the leaves that are on ur side. If there’s a fence how are they getting over."

A third person added: "Looks to me like he's helping you get them off the fence line. I do that for my neighbors and they appreciate it."

It seems, though, that things were sorted out between Kimber and her neighbour after she replied to a number of people saying they had "made peace".

After some users urged Kimber to stand up for herself, she quickly quashed any hopes of a fightback.

In response to one user, she said: "It’s takin care of we made peace with fish after the leaf war."

Elsewhere, one man became so furious about his neighbour's leaves blowing into his garden that he is considering making them pay to clear them.


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In another similar situation, a woman's neighbour gets so angry about her trees that he throws leaves into her yard every year.

And when it isn't leaves, its cherries, as this person found out when she had to take drastic measures after her neighbour's tree kept dropping the red-coloured fruit into her garden.

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