‘Naked Nerf gun battles’ trigger police warnings as students urged to cover up

Police in the village of Hartland, have been forced to issue a plea for students in the small Wisconsin town to stop playing Nerf Wars naked.

Nerf Wars – organised "gun battles" using toy guns that fire harmless foam darts – are a popular pastime and there’s even a loosely organised "league" in the US under the Nerf Internet Community umbrella.

But generally participants wear clothing for the tournaments.

Some young Hartland resident seem to have adopted a more naturist approach to the activity.

An appeal of the Village of Hartland Police Department’s official Facebook page pleads for the young peoples' parents to take steps to discourage the uniform-free skirmishes.

"Please talk to your children about playing the "Nerf Wars" game safely, the message says. "While we encourage students to have fun we want them to play safe, and each year we have calls for students playing this game nude.

"This is not ok and could be exposing themselves to children and other citizens. If you are a parent of an Arrowhead High School student please warn them they could be arrested and issued citations (if playing nude)."

The message continues: "We also don't want them trespassing or causing traffic-related issues while playing this game, so please play safely."

Authorities have made it clear that any student who takes part in the naked gun battles could be arrested and issued with a citation.

Nerf wars have been a major pastime have been a major source of both amusement and annoyance for Heartlanders for quite some time now, with complaints about the massive foam-based skirmishes dating back to at least 2013.

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