Nancy Pelosi slammed for ignoring US public with ‘nasty’ Donald Trump impeachment

Donald Trump: Hoey says Nancy Pelosi has shown a ‘nasty streak’

The Brexit-supporting life peer slammed the decision to impeach the outgoing US President, Donald Trump, following the riot last week in Washington, describing the move as “petty.” She said the Democratic Party were “frightened” that Mr Trump could make a political comeback in the future. Baroness Hoey also singled out Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for having ignored the “substantial numbers” of Americans who support the Republican Party and the Trump White House.

“I don’t think Trump behaved very well over the whole question of the demonstrations and he should have called that off,” Baroness Hoey told talkRADIO host Mike Graham.

But on the issues of impeachment, she said: “What is the point other than I suppose the Democrats are frightened that he will actually make a comeback and he will stand again.

“If he is probably impeached, he has only been impeached by the one house, he has to get two-thirds of the senate now and if that happens it will stop him standing again.

“I think the Democrats and in particular the Speaker Pelosi intervened quite a lot the Brexit situation as well and came over to Ireland and basically pushed the Irish into being much tougher about the border and all of that. 

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“So I am not very fond of her.

“She is showing a very personal, nasty streak now and I think in the country as a whole we have to remember in America there are still substantial numbers, big numbers who support Republicans and Donald Trump.

“This will not be something in the long-term that the Democrat Party will be able to feel comfortable about and that they did the right thing,” she continued.

Asked by host Mike Graham if the Democrats were trying to tell people who they could vote for, Baronness Hoey said: “It is this kind of fear of the public, fear of the people.

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“We got that here during the referendum, people saying how dare you vote to leave, you couldn’t possibly be right and we know better. And I think there is a bit of that in America.

“Ultimately these things to ultimately come back to haunt you and I think in the long-term they will regret this.”

She added: “In the end, I think this will fall back on the Democrats and they will look a bit petty.”

Mr Trump is now the first President to be impeached twice and secure more impeachments than terms served.


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President Trump was previously impeached over his calls with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

This latest charge by the House accused the President of inciting an insurrection following the violent protests at the US Capitol last week.

The Senate is expected to hold a trial to establish whether Mr Trump is guilty of his charges and if he should be removed from office.

However, it is unlikely this will happen before President-elect Joe Biden takes office in a week’s time.

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