Neighbours fuming after artist creates bizarre 108-foot vagina sculpture on hill

A massive, massive vagina sculpture has sparked fury among local residents after it appeared on a hillside in Brazil.

Artist Juliana Notari spent 11 months building the incredible work of art and unveiled it on New Year's Eve by sharing photos of her hard work on social media.

The 108-foot (33-metre) reinforced concrete vagina, named "Diva" has been installed at a rural art park on the grounds of a former sugar mill in in the Mata Sul Pernambucana', in the northeast of the country.

Sharing photos of Diva, she said: "Amid so many rocks in the middle of this dystopian year, I finally finish the year with Diva ready!!

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"It was a long process, almost 11 months of a lot of persistence, coexistence and learning. Diva after all is a big hand made sculpture.

"As Roberto [Gatis] – the engineer responsible for the work – demonstrated, he could not use [an] excavator, because it would not allow him to accurately carve the reliefs [the artwork] needed.

"So it was over 40 hands to make Diva rise, over twenty men working in a heroic effort under the sun, amid a lot of music and joking."

She continued: "Diva is a Land Art, a massive vulva excavation measuring 33 meters high, by 16 meters wide and 6 meters deep, covered by armed concrete and resin.

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"In Diva, I use art to dialogue with issues that refer to gender issues from a female perspective combined with a cosmopocentric and anthropocentric western society.

"Currently these issues have become increasingly urgent. After all, it is by changing perspective of our relationship between humans and [between] humans and nonhuman, that will allow us to live longer on that planet and in a less unequal and catastrophic society."

But some people don't appear to be happy about the sculpture.

Commenting on her post, one person wrote: "Ruining a landscape for this is criminal."

"I'm a woman, and that's not even what I am. I would be ashamed to walk with my family in a place that had something like that," another wrote.

A third person wrote: "You are very stupid or very naïve, talking about vulva and vagina is important, to get the taboo out of talking about and understanding our bodies, but this needs to be done right and digging a giant red hole in the ground is far from teaching or inclusive, you are not doing anything for women."

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