OAP left lying in snow after postman refused to help her up says he STILL hasn't apologised

THE family of a pensioner with bone disease left lying in the snow for 20 minutes by a postman have revealed he still hasn't apologised.

Patricia Stewart, 72, said the Royal Mail worker watched her fall during the coldest February since 1955 then walked off claiming he was "too knackered" to help.

Shocking footage shows him looking down at the gran-of-two saying "I can't help you pal", despite her pleas for assistance.

He is then seen walking away from her home in Bainsford, Falkirk.

Pat's relatives have blasted the "inhumane" postie and demanded he's sacked.

Her niece and carer Sheryl Harkins told The Mail on Sunday: "He could have contacted me to apologise but he hasn't.


"Another postman told me he doesn't think he has done anything wrong.

"I am still expecting an official response from Royal Mail about what is happening to the guy. I wouldn't like to think he'll keep his job.

"We should be entitled to know the outcome of their investigation.

"A manager chapped my aunt's door and brought chocolates but there has been no official response.

"The whole situation is disgusting… it's inhumane to do what he's done."

Pat told The Sun Online she was shouting 'help' for 20 minutes and crying while laying in the snow after banging her head.

She described the "ordeal" as "very unpleasant" and condemned the postie's behaviour.

Pat added: "Even if he was knackered, at the end of the day that’s his job.

"When I used to work and I was knackered I still carried on, but you wouldn’t leave somebody lying there in the snow.

"I had a head injury and he just left me, I couldn't believe it"

The Sun Online understands the postman has been dropped from the round and is being investigated over the incident.

Do you know the postman? Email [email protected] or call 0207 782 4368. You can WhatsApp us on 07810 791 502

Admin worker Sheryl added: "It was the coldest night in the UK for 26 years and he left my aunt lying on the ground.

"It just goes against everything, you wouldn't treat a dog like that."

Pat fell from her top to bottom step after feeling dizzy, just a day after getting her Covid jab.

She banged her head but fortunately was not badly hurt, although she was deeply upset by it.

She said: "I was soaking, absolutely soaking right through.

"We got everything off and put some clean clothes on, but it was two and a half hours for the ambulance to come.

"I was freezing. I couldn’t get warm, even in my bed I couldn’t get warm. I just felt so bad, in fact I still feel bad about it now."

Luckily, Hermes delivery worker Karolina Domska, 22, was in the area and went to Pat's aid.

She stayed with her and called for help from Shona and her son Ricky Thompson.

Shona said: "It was really cold, she could've got hypothermia and she could still get pneumonia because of all of this. It's not fair at all."

A manager from Royal Mail visited the family and an investigation has been launched.

Another postie who used to work in the area told The Sun Online: "I’m ashamed and embarrassed, I could never do that to anybody.

"There’s 120 posties up there [at the local depot], and we’re all tarnished with the same brush.

"We’re doing a lot of good, but he’s let us down big style, big big style. I don’t think any human being should behave like that."

Royal Mail bosses slammed the incident as they confirmed they were investigating further.

A spokesman for Royal Mail said: "We regularly remind our postmen and postwomen of the important role they play in their local communities.

"We were very sorry to learn about this incident, and for the distress this incident has caused.

"We are in touch with the customer concerned and will be investigating this incident."

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