Our Platinum Jubilee bunting was banned after jobsworth council said it's too HEAVY for lampposts – it's terrible

COUNCIL killjoys have banned Platinum Jubilee bunting – claiming it is too heavy for lampposts.

Jobsworth officials say it is unsafe to hang the flags out and warned street parties they are a hazard.

Street party organiser Albie Somerset said Portsmouth City Council's decision was "ludicrous and crazy".

The council warned "no bunting is to be strung from telegraph poles", the Daily Star reported.

It insisted bunting attached elsewhere "must be at least 5.5 metres from the ground and of an easily-breakable nature, so if a fire engine comes through, the bunting doesn’t become a hazard”.

Bunting on lampposts is also banned in Bournemouth.


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Our town pulled DOWN our Platinum Jubilee decorations as they’re too LOUD

It comes after grumpy locals demanded Union Jack bunting be removed from their town centre after moaning that it was too noisy.

Killjoy residents in Sheerness, on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, complained after the decorations were put up along the High Street to mark the Queen’s 70 year reign.

Those living above the shops complained that the plastic bunting created a huge racket when they flapped in the wind.

Alex Smith, 62, owner of Cuddles and Bubbles vets said: "For the residents round here, it constantly sounded like it was raining against the window.

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"On a really windy day it was really bad- you couldn't hear yourself talk, it was so loud.

"It was a horrid plastic and the council should have thought about using different material. They should not have used the plastic they used.

"It is a good job they have taken it down."

Stanley Ward, 63, owner of Kent Fresh Food butchers said: "It was really noisy, I felt really sorry for the people living in the flats.

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"It would flap all the time. I wondered what it was at first because, I could not work it out at first.

"It has got to be quite noisy for me to hear it because I am hard of hearing. The council should have foreseen that buying a plastic one would be noisy."

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