Owner of XL bully ‘devil breed’ dog lets kids stroke ‘big softie’ pet on walks

The owner of a controversial XL Bully dog has claimed that her dog is “loving” and she even lets young children pet it.

Ellee Keegan has spoken out in defence of the beleaguered dog breed, after several attacks have taken place in the last few weeks, with the Government now looking at banning them.

Birmingham-based Ellee is now urging people not to “bully her bully” as her dog Costa is not like others.

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The 26-year-old, who bought the dog for £3,000 around 18 months ago, claims the dog is a “big softie” and has never hurt anyone.

She said: “If they put the XL bully on the banned list, they will just move on to focus on another dog like the Cane Corso.

“There are already four dogs on the banned list and it clearly hasn't changed anything.

“I have been around a lot of XL Bullies and they are the most loving dogs – it is the way the owners raise these dogs and it is on the owner.

“If you put something in place for anyone caught with a dangerous dog, a dog out of control, or a dog that has attacked someone, they should be the one prosecuted.

“They should either be fined, sent to jail or not allowed to own dogs.”

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She was adamant that banning breeds is “not working” and putting something in place for their owners will change how people think.

Ellee said since having her 18-month-old XL bully she has put him through extensive training and believes every owner should put their canine through this regardless of its breed.

“I don't have any children myself but a couple of my friends have babies which he has been around on a leash with supervision and he's been fine,” she claimed.

“He's had kids coming up to him asking to stroke him and I think he just knows when there is a child around because he is very very gentle and when kids are around, he'll just let them pet him and he's very calm.

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“When we first got Costa, he was the most well-behaved boy, but then they enter something called the 'teenage phase' and they want to go off on their own more.

“He kind of went backwards and I couldn't walk him on the lead because he was pulling me – it wasn't fair on me or the dog, so I went to a dog trainer who helped me on leash control and command recall and we did this for six or seven months.

“I think every person should go through this with their dog.

“I see dog attacks from different breeds but you don't see this [on the news], but when one XL bully attacks someone it's straight on the news.

“Costa got attacked by a Labrador the other day, you wouldn't see that going on the news.”

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