Plane crash kills several after aircraft went down in Swiss mountains

A private light plane has crashed in a steep region of the Neuchâtel mountains. The crash happened “in a wooded area, in a part that is difficult to access,” according to the police spokesperson. The difficult terrain meant that rescue services and the police initially struggled to access the wreckage.

Rescuers were eventually able to reach the wreckage, but confirmed that “several people” had died in the crash.

The plane crash near the village of Ponts-de-Martel happened around 10:20 am.

It remains unclear what led to the tragic crash.

The weather forecast for the day called for heavy skies but no particularly strong winds in the region.

An investigation into the crash has been opened by the public health ministry to determine the circumstances.

Police have cordoned off the area.

The exact type of aircraft that crashed and the number of occupants remains unknown.

A police spokesperson said: “We must notify the families of the victims first.”

The police have also not confirmed the aircraft’s departure point or destination.

This comes just hours before an F-18 fighter jet crashed at the Zaragoza airbase in Spain, erupting into a giant fireball near a busy highway.

The pilot flying the plane managed to eject before the disaster and is thought to be safe.

The local Heraldo de Aragón said that the pilot suffered injuries to his leg while no other injuries have been reported following the crash.

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Chilling footage of the crash shows the F-18 nosedive toward the ground near a dense urban area.

The jet smashed into the ground before a giant fireball can be seen across the city.

Footage showing a huge plume of smoke billowing into the sky quickly spread on social media.

The Civil Guard claimed the pilot suffered “some problem” and lost control of the plane.

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