Prince Harry is ‘a bit stupid’ and that makes him ‘easy to mock’, says author

An author who has released a mock-up of Prince Harry's autobiography, Spare, has said the Duke is "easy to mock".

Relying on the Duke of Sussex being "basically a bit stupid", spoof biography writer Bruno Vincent, 42, has blasted the Prince for not being particularly bright.

The 42-year-old ripped into the recently published memoir and wrote up his own piece titled "Spare Us! A Harrody", the Daily Express reports.

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Completing several drafts of his mocking memoir after reading through the source material a hefty three times, Mr Vincent presented his comedic book, which he said was based on "a lot of meat" found in the pages of Prince Harry's release.

Speaking on the release of his cheeky biography, the 42-year-old, who has also taken on Enid Blyton's Famous Five, said he wanted to switch up a book filled with "bile and hate".

He said: "A book that was just filled with bile and hate would be very unpleasant to write and very joyless to read. I naturally gravitate towards just poking fun, which I think is pretty much the British national sport.

"The target for the book wasn’t necessarily about Harry himself, it was just the whole project of the autobiography. I found it easy to mock."

The humourist and writer added that there were a few moments in Spare that were a tad far-fetched.

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Bruno noted that the "philosophical ramblings" were a touch too heavy and the constant references to hit sitcom Friends and the various cast members were a bit much.

He added: "[The aim of the book] was to poke fun at Harry a bit – but not in a cruel way.

"It's just the book, reading his book, I found it funny. And in some cases, very silly and it deserved to be poked fun at. It’s not his fault that he’s basically a bit stupid – it’s not his fault."

Mr Vincent's book will be published, rather aptly, on April 1, and has ruled out a "parody of Prince Andrew's autobiography", should said project ever come to fruition.

The Daily Star has approached the Duke of Sussex for comment.


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