Princess Margaret helped flush poo by chopping it with ivory-handled cake slice

Susannah Constantine has revealed that Princess Margaret, the late Queen’s sister, came to her rescue by helping to flush a troublesome No2 – using an ivory-handled silver cake slice.

The late Queen’s sister employed the posh cutlery to chop up the troublesome turd which threatened to cause a stink at a VIP lunch at The Old Royal Naval College.

What Not To Wear star Susannah – who became Margaret’s pal after dating her son Viscount Linley – said the Royal “wasn't embarrassed by anything” and was happy to help.

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The telly star said she still has the keepsake cutlery – though it has been thoroughly washed.

She told the How To Be 60 podcast: “At lunch I had to go to the loo to do a number two".

“Anyway," she added, "I was gone too long for her liking, clearly she thought I was being incredibly rude and she came to find me.

“I heard this voice – ‘Susannah’.

“And I was like, ‘yes ma'am'.

“And she kind of kicked the door open and I was sitting on the loo with my pants down around my ankles.

“I wasn't embarrassed at all and I just said to her, 'Ma'am, it won't go down'.

“She looked at me and she said g’o and get me a knife'.

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“So off I went back into the dining room and I got a knife and I found this really gorgeous ivory handled cake slice.

“And I thought, oh that's rather nice' so I went back like the good foot soldier and I gave it to her.

“She turned around and there was this chop, chop, chop, chop, chop, flushed the loo, handed me back the knife, which I then went to go and wash.’’

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Susannah, now 60, dated Margaret's son David in the 1980s before eventually marrying Sten Bertelsen in 1995.

By that time Susannah and the princess had became such good pals that Margaret threw an engagement party for the TV star and Bertelsen.

The mum-of-three said after the loo rescue she tucked the clean cake slice `up my sleeve’.

“I've still got that lovely ivory handled silver cake slice,’’ she said.

“But that just showed her resourcefulness.

“She wasn't embarrassed by anything.’’

Margaret died in 2002 aged 71.


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