Serial killer fears as young family make a skin-crawling discovery

Serial killer fears as young family makes a skin-crawling discovery after unwittingly buying a suitcase full of human remains inside an abandoned storage unit

  • An Auckland family bought the contents of an abandoned storage locker  
  • Storage facilities auctioning off lockers with unpaid rent is common practice 
  • NZ Police are investigating after human remains were found in suitcases 
  • Only after winning the auction did the wannabe treasure hunters look closely  

A family has got the shock of their life after buying the contents of an abandoned storage unit and finding the remains of multiple dead bodies stashed inside suitcases.

The New Zealand residents bid in an auction last week and won the unit’s contents – a common practice for storage sheds with unpaid rent which has even turned into a popular US reality TV show, Storage Wars.

Buyers are not allowed to rifle through the contents in depth before the auction and only when the family began looking through what they’d purchased back at their south Auckland house did they make the chilling discovery.

Police are now hunting for a serial killer as forensic investigators scramble to determine how many victims were inside the suitcase. 

‘I feel sorry for the family because they’ve got nothing to do with it,’ one neighbour, Shelton Honana, told Newshub.  

‘Whoever did do it … front up. It’s a bit unfair, bro. It’s horrific, f***ing scary,’ he added.

Forensic police remove a hire trailer used to cart back the storage unit’s contents (pictured) 

Auctioning off lockers with unpaid rent is a common practice that has even been turned into a popular US reality show (pictured: Television show Storage Wars)

Witnesses reported seeing three different hearses outside the house on Thursday night after authorities were called in by the shaken buyers. 

A large hire trailer used to transport the haul was also taken from the house by investigators.

Detectives said the family had no involvement other than unfortunately bidding on the wrong unit.

Uniformed officer and forensic teams swarmed the house after the discovery and extra police were stationed in Moncrief Aventue in Clendon Park over the weekend . 

Counselling in being offered to the occupants.

Detectives and forensic teams swarmed the house of a family who unwittingly purchased the contents at auction (pictured)

‘The priority for police is to confirm the identification of the deceased so that we can establish the full circumstances behind the discovery,’ an NZ Police spokesperson said.

‘However, we are still awaiting the completion and results of the post-mortem examination so we are unable to comment.’

Auctioning off packed storage lockers that have been abandoned is often used by companies as a way of getting back some of the rent a customer hasn’t paid. 

The practice even inspired it’s own TV show – Storage Wars – in the United States.

The series set in California has run for more than a decade stating in 2010 with the latest series in 2021. 

Buyers hoping to find treasure bid on abandoned storage units largely unaware what they’re buying (pictured: Storage Wars)

Under the similar rules in California, lockers are auctioned off when rent hasn’t been paid for three months.

Competing buyers can view the contents for five minutes but are not allowed to enter the storage unit or open any boxes or luggage. 

They are hoping to find treasure but are largely unaware of what they are bidding on.

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