Snake catcher threw killer serpent back into man’s kitchen after he didn’t pay

A top snake catching expert has told how a customer refused to pay him for removing a deadly beast – so he threw it back into his house.

Youtuber Colin Shoemark, who catches snakes for a living, was called to someone's house after a red bellied black snake was found.

Measuring six-feet in length, it was found behind the fridge – it is the most commonly found venomous snake in Australia.

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And despite the homeowner calling the guy out to catch it, when it came time to pay, he simply refused, Daily Mail Australia reports.

Recalling the bizarre 2017 incident, he said; “This isn't a free service because in the background I have insurance fees and all that sort of stuff to look after.

“So, I just tell them the rate and we agree on it and then I come out – usually if I don't get the snake I spend a bit of time with the people to tell them about it or try and identify the snake.

“I got there and he was panicking, which is pretty standard, it was in his kitchen, behind his fridge, so I had to pull the fridge out.

“So this thing's trying to kill me the entire time – I get it in the bag and the dude started saying, 'Oh, this should be free and subsidised by the government, the council should pay for this'.

“I didn't like it, it was the end of the day, I was pretty tired.

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“I said, 'if you're not gonna pay me, I'm just gonna go and get out of here.”

So the newly-caught snake was once again freed and let out into the blokes kitchen.

The man who refused to pay ended up jumping onto his kitchen table and threatened to call the police.

However, Mr Shoemark commented that the police would “probably come in and watch me catch the snake.”

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He added: “He had the money, he was just being a d*** about it.”

“It's not like it's $500 (£285).

“It's 150 bucks (£85) and I'm the one risking my life and my sense of smell going forward.”

The man eventually paid him, and the snake was once again caught.

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