‘Stay-at-home daughter’, 26, spends £7,734 of parents’ money in a day

TikToker born 'stupid rich' on how she overcame being 'ugly'

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Professional “stay-at-home daughter” Roma Abdesselam revealed the staggering amount of her parents’ money she spends to fund her lifestyle. The TikToker, who has over 15 million views on the social media platform claimed she spends over £7,734 in one day at a single department store. 

The New Yorker shares videos on her lavish days on TikTok including trips to London, pilates, shopping sprees and fancy restaurants. 

Roma said her posts are meant to display her “self-deprecating, satirical” sense of humour.

“I’ve turned spending [my parents’] money as a stay-at-home daughter into a job, and that’s been very, very fun for me,” the 26-year-old told the New York Post.

She added: “Every day I wake up in the morning, have breakfast, go to a  workout class and go shopping with my girlfriends at Bergdorf’s.

“And that’s my life being unemployed.”

Roma, who hasn’t worked in two years, is yet to reveal what her parents do. 

In a recent clip titled “stay-at-home-daughter”: What I spend in a day pt. 3′, Roma revealed she spent nearly £500 on new eyebrows and then “went to a bar to get drunk” before she went shopping. 

In the video she said: “I went to Cos Bar and picked up some of my favourite perfumes and skin care products.”

She went on to spend £1,842 on designer clothes, £2,300 on lingerie, and £1,877 on even more clothes.

After a further £82 on a private pilates class and £10 on cookies and snacks, Roma totalled a bill of around £7,734. 

Some users joked about her lifestyle with one commenting: “Are your parents looking to adopt another daughter.”

Another joked: “Do you need a sister, I volunteer”

Others criticised the influencer for flaunting her lifestyle. 

One commented: “The way with less than half of money that you spend today you could put me through college. Like I struggle to pay it and this hurts to watch”.

Another said: “Meanwhile kids in NYC hoard their school lunches to bring home to their families”.  

One person asked: “So [how] much do you spend helping your community and those in need.”

To which Roma revealed she works with charities overseas in Israel and Jamaica to teach kids in schools. 

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