Stunning photo of train station hides incredible famous face – you have 20/20 vision if you can spot it in 7 seconds | The Sun

YOU might just have the ultimate 20/20 vision if you can spot the incredibly famous face hidden in the picture.

This latest visual challenge will put your observation skills to the test as you aim to find the hidden solution.

And if you manage to spot the face in 7 seconds – you will be crowned a genius.

It is not an easy task though – the picture involves a lot of details and one has to really observe tightly to find the hidden face of the famous celebrity.

This image has left many people perplexed – but if you really focus with all your attention, you should be able to solve the visual quiz.

But before you start solving it, can you spot these 10 green baubles on the Christmas tree in less than 10 seconds?

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Only those with impeccable vision and a sharp mind can spot them all out – and a genius would be able to solve it in the given time.

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Coming back to the station image, if you are still struggling to spot the famous face, here is a clue for you: the face is of a renowned British singer.

Do you see it now?

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If not, here is another clue for you: He was part of an iconic band from the 60s.

Brilliant if you were able to spot the face but if not, here is what you need to do.

Look at the image carefully and observe the details, you will see a black silhouette in the middle of the picture.

Keeping it in mind, squint your eyes from a distance and look at the image again.

There you go, you can now see the famous singer's face.

It is The Beatles legend John Lenon.

If you managed to spot him in less than a minute – give yourself a pat on the back. 

But if you were able to solve the optical puzzle in less than 7 seconds – congratulations to you as you have just been crowned a perfect 20/20 vision.

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If you solve the puzzle in less than seven seconds, you might just have the IQ of a heroic lifeguard.

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