Taiwan simulates urban warfare in preparation for Chinese invasion as tensions rocket

China would ‘swallow up Taiwan if they could’ says Wang Ting-Yu

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Taiwanese troops have conducted mock street battles as the island prepared to repel any future invasion by the People’s Republic of China. Mainland China claims the right to rule over Taiwan under Beijing’s ‘One China Policy.’ China’s leader Xi Jinping has made repeated threats to use military force against Taiwan in recent months. 

Taiwan Army instructor Kiwi Yang told France 24: “Any future battle to protect Taiwan will involve urban warfare.

Urban warfare training is very important because 90 percent of Taiwan’s population lives in towns and cities.

[In the case of an invasion] the Chinese communist troops’ battle plans will be invading a landing first from coastal towns.

“Then the fighting will progress into populated residential and commercial areas, and lastly push into mountainous villages.”

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The latest drills saw Taiwan Army infantry and tanks conduct complex operations in mock-up urban settings.

Beijing has increased military and diplomatic pressure on Taiwan in recent months.

Taiwanese MP Wang Ting-yu has issued a chilling warning to Xi Jinping in response to threats by China to invade Taiwan.

A member of Taiwan’s Foreign Affairs and National Defense Committee told Express.co.uk the ‘philosophy’ behind the island’s defense in the event of an all-out war.

Taiwan MP Wang Ting-yu says 'Biden's strategy is multi-lateral'

Wang Ting-yu warned that any attempt to annex Taiwan by brute military force would be costly both in time and in lives.

Mr Wang told Express.co.uk: “It’s never enough to Taiwan…

“A country’s such as China is huge with capitals, money, with resources and they have a strong relationship to international society.

“To Taiwan, we have 23 million people here and we are an important role in the supply chain.

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“However, we know we cannot get fair arrangement and trade with the world, in some occasion, we cannot even call ourselves Taiwan.

He added: “We understand we are not naive, we need to survive, then develop, then we can do something we want, so we are survivors, we have the ability of the resilence, so we know we have to make China think before they move. 

“They have to understand if they dare to invade Taiwan they will lose their important economic area near the seaside and we need to make them understand he can not invent Taiwan successfully, or according to their announcement within a couple of days, it is impossible.

“It takes times, it takes resources, it takes lives, so we have to make Taiwan like a hedgehog.”

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