Terrifying giant new ‘trapdoor’ spider discovered in Australia – and it bites

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    An absolutely terrifying new giant spider species has been discovered in Australia, with the rare, red beast potentially biting those that come across it.

    Living in the woodland regions of Queensland, Australia, the horrifying "trapdoor" beast can be found in the Brigalow Belt for those interested in facing down a giant creature.

    Its crab-like colour and chilling legs are as eerie as it gets, but with a 1.2inch diameter around its head, the arachnid hides in black soil and burrows away in the dirt of Eidsvold and Monto.

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    Deriving its name from the Latin for dignity and greatness, the Euoplos Dignitas is anything but, with the feral-looking creature an absolute horror.

    Queensland Museum's primary arachnologist, Michael Rix, said: "The females, which are the larger trapdoor spiders of the two sexes, they're almost five centimetres in body length.

    "They've got these really cryptic trapdoors in these woodland habitats on the ground and most people wouldn't even realise that they're there."

    Those "big, beautiful" creatures are absolutely massive and it would appear the species spends years hidden away in burrows.

    Dr Rix, speaking to ABC News, added: "The males of this species are what we sort of call a really honey-red colour — they're really quite stunning."

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    Those stunning creatures may also bite, and if they do, there is not too much to worry about as they do not possess any dangerous venom but may leave quite the sting.

    Dr Jeremy Wilson, a research assistant at the Queensland Museum, added: "What I really love about the type of work we get to do here at the Queensland Museum.

    "You get to come into the collection and look through specimens from across Australia and you just never know what you’re going to find.

    "When you then get to see that through to the end, which is giving a name to that species and knowing that that species is now known to everyone and can be protected."

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