Trump again teases 2024 return and is seen in NYC as he’s investigated in criminal probe

DONALD Trump has hinted again he will be returning in 2024 and he was spotted in New York City.

During an interview at the premiere episode of "The Dan Bongino Show, " the former President said "We're going to make you very happy" when asked whether he is considering rerunning in 2024. 

It comes as last week the New York Attorney General's office announced the Trump Organization is under an active criminal investigation.

When Dan Bongino asked him "where are we with 2024, " Trump replied: "We're going to make you very happy.

"We are going to do what's right, we've done a great job for the country, we built our military and had the greatest economy ever twice.

"We built it and then the whole world collapsed with it, we built it again with the stock market being higher than it was even the first time.

"We are going to do the right thing."

Speaking to conservative talk show host Joe Pags on Thursday,Trump said his decision to run or not in the 2024 presidential election will "most likely" come after the 2022 midterm elections.

He said: "I don't know exactly when I can say it but it's something I am very very strongly considering.

"Everybody wants me to do it, the polls are all saying I have to do it. I will be making a decision maybe before but possibly more likely right after the 2022 election.

"We have the elections coming up, I'm focused on that, we want to get the House members in.

"We can actually pick up a couple of senators but I want to focus on that."

He also told told One America News he is planning to hold rallies  in Florida, Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina in the coming weeks.

Trump said: "We’ll be announcing them very soon over the next week or two, and I think we’ll probably start in Florida and Ohio and we’ll be announcing the rallies very shortly."

The former President's comments come after Jennifer Weisselberg, Trump's former CEO daughter-in-law said  her ex-father-in-law Allen Weisselberg,  will flip against the former President.

Speaking to CNN's Erin Burnett she said Weisselberg , the chief financial officer of the Trump Organization will flip on Trump.

"Because I think the truth matters, and it’s become so much bigger," she said.

Her comments followed Palm Beach County’s top prosecutor, State Attorney Dave Aronberg, who said Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can’t prevent Trump from being extradited to New York City if he is indicted.

Speaking to CNN Newsroom, Aronberg said even DeSantis would only be able to delay Trump’s extradition, not stop it completely.

“The governor's power to stop an extradition is really nonexistent," he said. 

"He can try to delay it, he can send it to a committee and do research about it, but his role is really ministerial, and ultimately the state of New York can go to court and get an order to extradite the former president. But DeSantis could delay matters."

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