Trump portrait to debut in National Portrait Gallery at reopening

A painting of former President Donald Trump will be unveiled when the National Portrait Gallery reopens, but it won’t be the official portrait, which is still in the works.

The Galley, which contains the official portraits of every former commander-in-chief, is still in talks with Trump ​about the process that can take up to two years, Washingtonian reported.

When the time comes, the museum will invite Trump, his family and guests to the unveiling.

It is also set to welcome the mass of MAGA supporters expected to flock to DC to see the official portrait of 45.

“We are a non-partisan institution and understand that there are public opinions on both sides of the fence,” National Portrait Gallery director Kim Sajet ​told the ​Washingtonian​ in a statement.​ 

“As with all recent presidential commissions, we are unable to speculate as to how visitors will receive the portraits once completed. That is the beauty of portraiture: How it is received is always different for different people.”​

The gallery has not announced a date for the reopening.​

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