Twisted Toy-Box Killer who killed dozens of victims in homemade torture chamber

A twisted sexual sadist dubbed the "Toy-Box Killer" raped and murdered dozens of victims in a homemade torture chamber.

Police believe David Parker Ray may have raped, tortured, and murdered as many as 60 women, during an almost half-century of crime at his remote home in Elephant Butte, New Mexico.

His depraved crime spree only ended with his arrest in 1999, after a naked and blood-soaked woman wearing a dog collar and chain around her neck was found close to his home, the Sun reports.

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The mechanic and state park ranger, built the $100,000 (£80,260) chamber, he dubbed the "Toy-Box", out of a cargo trailer, which he soundproofed and filled with an array of horrifying devices and homemade weapons.

A mirror on the ceiling over the gynecological table forced victims to watch the sickening crimes.

These attacks were preceded by a disturbing 45-minute recorded message made by Ray, during which he boasted "rapin' b*****s" since he was a teenager.

At the end of the tape, he told the women that he would drug them with sodium pentothal and phenobarbitol so they couldn't remember what had happened.

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Born in 1939 in Bellen, New Mexico, to an alcoholic father who abandoned his family, Ray's mother shipped him and his sister off to his grandparents.

From an early age he developed an obsession with bondage and sadomasochism, which was fuelled by his father who bought him violent porn magazines from his early teens, on the rare occasions that he visited his son.

Ray graduated high school in 1957, working a number of odd jobs as a mechanic.

After years of drifting, he settled in Elephant Butte where he became involved in a small, underground BDSM scene, attending secret parties and clubs.

He worked as a maintenance man for the New Mexico Parks Department in nearby Truth or Consequences, where he often picked up his victims, working in bars.

In 1986, Ray's adult daughter Glenda Jean "Jesse" Ray told the FBI that her father was abducting and torturing women before selling them over the border in Mexico.

But her allegations were never followed up and, chillingly, she soon became his accomplice.

In 1997, Ray met Cindy Hendy, a 37-year-old mother-of-three on the run from the police who had ditched her children and fled across the country.

The two worked together and became partners sexually, as well as partners in crime.

Ray trained Hendy to be his accomplice, teaching her how to kidnap and abuse women.

He even made an 18-point instructional guide titled "Psychological and Physical Procedures Initial Handling of the Captive Personal Fetish," which was taped to the wall of the torture chamber.

Ray's sickening spree eventually came to an end on March 22, 1999, when a blood-soaked and naked Cynthia Vigil Jaramillo was spotted by drivers running down the road in the middle of the day.

She ran into a nearby mobile home where Darlene Breech and her husband were watching TV.

Darlene said: "She came straight in wearing nothing except the chains around her neck and was crying. She was bloody, very bloody, and was a very terrified girl."

Cynthia screamed: "Don't let them get me!"

It later emerged that Cynthia had escaped after three days of torture by Ray and his accomplice.

Police were called and arrived and arrested Ray and Hendy an hour later.

At the house police found hundreds of videotapes cataloguing his despicable attacks on hundreds of women, and referring to a number of accomplices.

In the tape of instructions he made for his victims, he claimed to have murdered a number of women.

He also confessed to his girlfriend how he would dump the corpses of victims in a nearby reservoir.

Ray was sentenced to 224 years in prison for the abduction, rape, and torture of three women.

Cops were never able to find out how many women Ray killed, as he died of a massive heart attack at the age of 62 on May 28, 2002, while waiting to be interrogated by state police.


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