Vile thug repeatedly hanged toddler until she couldn’t breathe and filmed it

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A vile thug repeatedly hanged a toddler while videotaping the abuse.

David J Coleman has been jailed for up to 52 years for the sickening acts which took place on the same day.

The 38-year-old pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury.

Coleman wrapped a scarf around the two-year-old girl's neck and let her hang until she lost consciousness.

He recorded the abuse on his then-girlfriend's daughter last December, the Omaha World-Herald reports.

Coleman, a nine-time felon, was sentenced to spend a minimum of 42 years behind bars with parole but could face 52 in total, along with another four years for being a felon in possession of a knife.

Douglas County District Judge Duane Dougherty said "there was extreme violence here" when speaking at the sentencing.

He added: "When someone harms a child that age, or no matter the age, in that nature it’s as bad as it gets."

The horrifying abuse took place on December 14 in Nebraska, and fortunately, the little girl survived the choking.

Coleman reportedly took the girl to a storage unit to commit the heinous crime and used his mobile to film the girl as she struggled to breathe, with each recording being around a minute long.

The girl's mother stumbled upon the abusive video while scrolling through her boyfriend's phone.

However, prosecutor Molly Keane has warned it's not possible to know the psychological damage the child has suffered as a result.

“It has changed this child’s life in ways we may never know,” Keane said.

“How she survived this torture is a mystery. But she did — luckily for her, luckily for her family and luckily for this defendant. Because he would be charged with first-degree murder.”

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Coleman was previously convicted for child abuse for breaking a child's bones and burning them with a heating pad, the paper reported.

He was released from prison four months before he abused the toddler.

He was also convicted in 2004 of first-degree sexual assault of a minor, and is listed on Nebraska's sex offender registry.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said the crimes were incomprehensible.

"It’s beyond what anybody would think someone is capable of doing," Kleine said.

"As disturbing a child abuse case as we’ve ever seen."

Coleman apologised during the sentencing, claiming to be "mortified" by his actions.

He said: "It's a struggle every day for me. I'm very sorry."

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