Woman fined £400 after putting litter in council bin claims she’s been ‘bullied’

A woman has been slapped with a £400 fine for fly-tipping after she put rubbish into a council bin.

Olivia Post, from Battle, East Sussex, says animals had ripped open bin bags and rubbish was scattered across the streets.

She decided to be a good samaritan by picking up the rubbish and disposing of it – but her kindness backfired.

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She was fined £400 and told the council bins were for litter, not for "controlled domestic waste".

Olivia has blasted the council as "bullies" and claims she has been made to feel "victimised and distressed" by the incident.

Rother District Council has offered to reimburse Ms Post if she pays up but said the notice was issued correctly.

Ms Post told BBC: "It's bullying to be told I can't put rubbish in the bin and it's upsetting."

The waste in question, she explained, was not hers but had been "strewn everywhere by seagulls and foxes" in a council car park.

She headed home to collect a rubbish bag before heading back to pick up the waste, leaving it in the council bin.

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The next day, she said, an enforcement officer knocked on her door and issued her with a fly-tipping fine.

In a statement, Rother District Council said the notice had been issued because the waste had been left "in a public place rather than disposed of properly".

It said notices were only given out if there was evidence of where the waste originated from, such as a name and address.

"In some cases, once [it] has been paid, the council may reimburse the charge as a gesture of goodwill, and we have agreed to do this here," said the council.


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