Woman who’s used wheelchair all her life hires escort to lose virginity aged 43

Ms Hawkes told the BBC she has been confined to a wheelchair since the age of 3 as she suffers from an inflammation of the spinal cord, a condition known as transverse myelitis.

In the years after her injury, she said shut the possibility of sex out of her life for decades as she believed she would never find a partner to be intimate with.

However, this all changed after a conversation with her support worker when they were isolated together during the pandemic.

Ms Hawkes decided to take the plunge and book a session with an escort agency. It was during this search that she booked Chayse.

Ahead of their first session, and to get comfortable with each other, Ms Hawkes told the BBC they had several video calls.

Ms Hawkes said: “I asked a million questions. Have you ever used a hoist before? Is your apartment wheelchair accessible? How often does the lift in your place break down?”

When she was ready, Ms Hawkes travelled to Chayse’s property where the enormity of what was about to occur hit her. She said: “I knew I was out of my depth with sexual knowledge and I felt completely overwhelmed with the expert that was standing in front of me.”

Despite this, Ms Hawkes realised that while Chayse was an expert in one respect, she was an expert in another.

She explained: “I am an expert with disability and Chayse had no idea. We ended up laughing at each other’s ignorance and naivety. Two hours later we were the best of buddies.”

Speaking about his role Chayse, who has previously worked with people who have experienced trauma, said “creating a safe welcoming space where she’s in control” was his top priority.

Ms Hawkes’ reflected on the dynamic between the two. She said: “I knew that by booking Chayse and paying for a service, I was in control. I knew that if Chayse treated me differently or did something I didn’t like he would stop. It’s hard not to fall in love with Chayse, but I have to remind myself that it is a professional relationship.”

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After these experiences, Melanie says she now feels they have given her greater power in every aspect of her life.

Alongside providing his skills as a sex worker, Chayse has also been trying to support Melanie in different ways. He has been talking with a dating coach so he can help Melanie with future dates.

Ms Hawkes said she is now looking for a “Chayse replacement” and is even logging into dating apps daily to find true love.

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