Fashion Brand Covalent Using Blockchain To Track Carbon Impact Of Its Products

Covalent, a fashion brand recently launched by biotechnology company Newlight Technologies, is using IBM Blockchain to help track the carbon impact of its AirCarbon-based fashion accessories, from eyewear to handbags.

Newlight developed AirCarbon, which is a regenerative material made by natural ocean microorganisms that is being used to replace synthetic plastic and fibers to help solve plastics pollution and climate change.

AirCarbon is meltable and can be used as an alternative to fiber, plastic and leather. AirCarbon is certified as carbon-negative by the Carbon Trust, meaning it reduces the amount of carbon in the air. Covalent’s products, which can be purchased on its website, are made with AirCarbon.

The blockchain platform is powered by IBM LinuxONE to help it create a new, validated level of environmental impact tracing. Consumers can track the carbon footprint and supply chain of Covalent’s sustainable, AirCarbon-based fashion accessories.

A recent study by IBM showed that 57 percent of consumers surveyed were willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact. Purchasing sustainable products is a growing motivation for consumers.

“Blockchain’s ability to foster trust gives Covalent’s customers a better understanding of how their products were made,” said Alistair Rennie, General Manager of IBM Blockchain.

Customers can use the unique 12-digit number printed on each Covalent product, known as the “Carbon Date,” to track its carbon footprint. The Carbon Date represents the time when the AirCarbon used to create that specific product was created.

The number can be entered into Covalent’s website to trace the steps that went into creating the product. The supply chain journey of the product is stored in an immutable record on the blockchain and stretches from when the AirCarbon was formed and molded into a handbag to who independently verified its carbon footprint and when it was moved to a stockroom.

By using IBM Blockchain and LinuxONE technology, Covalent is able to provide visibility into the carbon impact each specific product has on the environment.

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