Introduction to EXPX

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The monumental growth of cryptocurrencies has created a gap for efficient trading platforms that help traders promptly and inexpensively trade and diversify their digital assets on Binance Smart Chain. Several crypto exchanges have been trying to fill this gap without compromising transactional security and transparency.

However, BSC is a relatively new blockchain and suffers from a lack of variety in their trading infrastructure and advanced DeFi protocol implementations, so the new innovative ways to exchange currencies have come to light. Among these innovations, a new challenger, EXPX, has emerged as a community-driven trading protocol, farming platform, and automatic multi-token portfolio manager. EXPX uses the advanced sustainability and scalability of the Binance Smart Chain to offer several services.

What is EXPX? is a set of smart contracts that helps users to deposit and swap tokens. The platform derives its name from (exp)^X that represents the ideology of the platform to offer exponential growth faster than 10x  for metrics such as TVL, swap volumes, amount of transactions, token price, etc. EXPX makes it possible to create pools with 2 to 8 tokens per pool and carry out swaps in a decentralized fashion.

These pools have variable exchange rates and are calculated according to formulas included in smart contracts so that the assets in the pool stay true to the original settings specified in the pool. EXPX offers advantages to the participants acting in three different roles,

– Traders: Traders can swap tokens at market rates by only paying a small fee.

– Liquidity Providers: LPs can stake liquidity into pools, earn swap fees while rebalancing their portfolios automatically and get a part in the Daily Token Distribution program.

– Arbitrageurs: While Arbitrageurs work for their profit, they simultaneously maintain swap prices according to the market price.  

EXPX chose Binance Smart Chain over Ethereum Network because of quicker and cheaper transactions. Also, while Ethereum Network suffers from network congestion, BSC ensures a high and sustainable transaction per second rate. Using BSC as a core, EXPX offers several benefits such as:

Faster and Cheaper Transactions as BSC does not suffer network congestion. A typical transaction is recorded on Binance Smart Chain within 2-3 seconds and costs only 0.005 BNB per swap. 

EXPX allows users to swap directly using smart contracts, making it a fully decentralized protocol. 

EXPX rewards liquidity providers with governance tokens to ensure a decentralized community-driven platform. EXPX offers smart order routing in which built-in algorithms are used to find pool sequences with the best swap rates. 

EXPX allows users to create pools with up to 8 tokens in a pool with adjustable token weights, swap fees, and private pool functionality. 

EXPX is a Balancer protocol powered by Binance Smart Chain to offer faster and cheaper transactions. The market of decentralized finance is growing exponentially, and having a liquidity protocol with a proven business model and empowered with advantages of BSC is a blessing.

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