Moonbeam-based Authtrail Closes a $3.6 Million Strategic Funding Round

Authtrail, a Moonbeam-based SaaS designed for growth, has announced the closing of a $3.6 million strategic funding round.

Authtrail to Develop its Product and for Business Development

In a press release on December 15, Authtrail said it would use these funds to further develop its product and for business development. At the same time, they have indicated plans of investing in the expanding global data integrity markets through grants. 

Authtrail plans to help visionary founders and developers actualize their ideas by building new tools and solutions in Authtrail LaunchHub. They added that their overall objective would be to establish themselves as a household on enterprise data integrity on a global scale. 

Bridging Enterprise Data with the Benefits of Blockchain

As it is, Authtrail is a valuable bridge between enterprise data and the blockchain, allowing businesses to benefit from the unparalleled level of security and immutability of public ledgers. 

By integrating the blockchain, businesses will have access to more advantages, including having a complete overview of their product or enterprise data history. Most importantly, they would easily prove their product and service data as trustworthy, valid, and compliant with applicable standards. 

Authtrail is adaptable and market-ready. Their data integrity solution is flexible without impacting the client’s foundational operating mode. It works as an add-on to existing data management systems. Once data is compiled through the Authtrail API, it is hashed and stored on the Moonbeam Network. Afterward, verified data can be shared as a link to persons with proper access, quickly without third-party interference.

Integrating Moonbeam Blockchain

Earlier this year, Authtrail integrated Moonbeam. The blockchain aims to bring the best out of the Ethereum and Polkadot worlds. Using the easy-to-use tooling, developers can quickly build. At the same time, the interoperability and scalability of Polkadot lay more benefits to the launching dApp. 

Additionally, because Polkadot and Ethereum are interoperable, users can deploy existing Solidity or Vyper smart contracts to Moonbeam, Moonriver, or the Moonbase Alpha TestNet.

Global Clientele Base

For their value proposition of resolving data manipulation and mismanagement by deploying on the cloud, Authtrail has found enterprise adoption, providing services to clients demanding high-quality data. One of them is a leading technology firm with a presence in more than 30 countries, employing over 6,000 employees.

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