Bringg, Uber Partner to Improve Deliveries

Bringg, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based delivery and fulfillment cloud platform provider, has partnered with Uber to improve the delivery experience for retailers and other sectors.

Through this partnership, Bringg’s global portfolio of clients, which includes Walmart Inc., Party City, KFC, Coca-Cola Co., Albertson’s and Panera Bread as well as health care and logistics firms, get access to drivers through Uber Direct, enabling them to provide same-day and next-day deliveries.

Bringg said its customers using Uber Direct will continue to receive key delivery elements like branding, measurement, visibility and quality. In turn, Uber Direct gets access to more companies.

The partnership provides retailers with several capabilities, such as driver tracking, synchronizing driver arrivals, and order prep.

Founded in 2013, Bringg provides a SaaS (software as a service) solution to help companies launch and scale delivery and fulfillment services that are under pressure around the world due to consumers increasingly shopping online during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The world is rapidly changing and retailers need to adapt to meet customers where they are,” said Niko Avrutov, vice president of alliances at Bringg. “Our partnership with Uber provides retailers with more flexibility in the delivery cycle, not only ensuring that our customers get their orders when and where they want, but enables them to do so without compromising quality or profitability in the delivery cycle, which is key to an excellent customer experience and maintaining a healthy business.”

Leveraging the Uber Direct platform will enable Bringg’s customers to “seamlessly” handle on-demand delivery orders placed via an app or website, thereby “owning the customer experience end-to-end,” Bringg said in its announcement.

“Retail businesses need to be able to rely on on-demand crowdsourcing options, much like they do already in food retail,” Bringg said. “For retailers, scaling order fulfillment is twofold — it requires not only an expansion of available delivery providers but also the optimization of delivery workflows and driver engagement to help ensure every driver can be as effective as possible.”

In addition to its Tel Aviv headquarters, Bringg has offices in Chicago; London; Toronto, and Austin, Texas.

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