Vanessa Bryant fires back against ‘full-scale attack’ by LA County in grisly photos case

The widow of Kobe Bryant has “every right” to find out how and why Los Angeles County government employees shared pictures of her dead husband and daughter after they died in a helicopter crash last year, her attorney stated in a new court filing this week.

That is why she wants more time to investigate the case and is fighting back against the county’s “full-scale attack” on her last week in court filings, the attorney stated.

The filing from Vanessa Bryant’s attorney, Luis Li, comes in response to what county attorneys said about her last week as they pushed back against her lawsuit about the photos.

The county said in court documents then that her lawsuit had turned into a “fishing expedition” that was taking first responders away from their jobs and was subjecting them to harassment. The county also said the photos were not publicly disseminated, were not publicly posted on the internet and therefore the widow of the NBA legend suffered no actual harm to merit a lawsuit.

Her attorney batted that back Monday.

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“The discomfort and distress she has suffered from government personnel using graphic photos of her deceased loved ones as gossip fodder is very real,” said the filing in federal court. “The County’s downplaying of what happened only confirms that Mrs. Bryant cannot trust the County’s internal investigations and must complete an investigation of her own.”

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