CFH CEO Marc Levin Departs to Join Christian Frahm’s United Fintech

Marc Levin has parted ways with CFH Group to join Christian Frahm’s newest venture, United Fintech, which launched in November 2020 to transform capital markets. Levin has been named partner and chief operating officer (COO) at the UK startup, which stretches beyond London to New York, Dubai, Singapore and China.

Levin was with TradeTech subsidiary for nearly 10 years, having originally joined its FCA-regulated arm, CFH Clearing in 2011 as an institutional relationship manager. During this long stint, he worked his way up through several senior roles at the prime brokerage firm, culminating with the position of Chief Commercial Officer.

Building upon the experience he gained for nearly a decade, Levin took over from Frahm as CEO of CFH Group back in 2019, tasked with the day to day running of the company.

Today, CFH Group spans four different companies, with clients in 90 countries and more than 100 employees in five different locations. It was founded by Frahm in 2008 and was acquired by Playtech in 2016 to form a core part of TradeTech.

According to United Fintech’s Founder and CEO, Christian Frahm stated: “Despite his relatively young age of 31, Marc Levin is an exceptionally talented leader for whom employees, customers and global partners have great respect. Marc and I previously worked together for almost ten years, and I am very pleased and honoured that he has chosen to join United Fintech and go on this journey with us.”

United Fintech Sets Sights on Capital Markets Fintechs

United Fintech is the brainchild of Christian Frahm. The startup promises to enable banks and financial institutions to access to new technology and accelerate their transition to a digital world.

Over the next five years, United Fintech plans to acquire a slate of small to medium-sized fintech companies and help them sell their products and services to big financial institutions.

The company’s first acquisition was NetDania, a Danish fintech, which has been providing data solutions to financial services firms and individual traders for over two decades. Levin’s initial remit is to incorporate NetDania’s business within United Fintech’s broader strategy.

NetDania pioneered streaming price technology and holds a strong position within the corporate and speculative FX segments and an ongoing expansion into stock and futures market trading.

At United Fintech, Levin joins a management team made up of people with experience at financial institutions or tech firms. Additionally, the company has hired former Saxo bank’s executive, Erik Nordahl as CTO and Tom Robinson – former head of e-FX at both Jefferies and Goldman Sachs, as Head of Sales.

“I am delighted to be working with Christian again – he always challenges me and encourages me to ‘think big’. I am hugely motivated by the opportunity to facilitate banks and financial institutions in their transition to a digital world, accelerating their implementation of innovative software for capital markets,” Levin said.

He continued: “I am also very excited to be joining such a high calibre team. Tom, Erik and I all have very different but relevant experience and, together with Christian, we have experienced first-hand the challenges and opportunities faced by the banks and the fintechs. Between us, we have the expertise, knowledge, resources and contacts to transform both the financial institutions and the fintechs.”

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