Crypto Space Gearup for Another UNI Like Airdrop! (ENS)

Enthusiasts in space have been eagerly waiting for an airdrop by a platform that is backed by immense potential. Something like Uniswap, which has returned massive gains ever since its inception and airdrops. Uniswap has brought fortunes for the investors hodling onto the token. Meanwhile, a crypto proponent enlightens why one must not liquidate ENS tokens.

Traders Do Not Miss Out On ENS Airdrops

ENS is gaining immense popularity lately, with the airdrops being around. Meanwhile, several crypto enthusiasts are keen on claiming ENS airdrops. The segregation of token distribution of ENS is 50% for community distribution, 25% for airdrops, 18.96% for core contribution. And the remaining share is for select integrations, advisors, contributions among others.

The 25% of the total supply allocated for the ENS airdrop to users, will be distributed to all addresses that are or have been registrants of a .ETH second-level domain. Users have until May 4th, 2022 to claim the tokens. Post which remaining tokens will be sent to the DAO treasury. During the first week, anyone claiming the tokens will also cast vote on the proposed ENS constitution. One can also cast votes and then claim the tokens.

The distribution is based on the total time of an address past registration and future registration.  The total time limit of future registration is at 8-years. The retroactive airdrop is per account and not per name. The airdrop also features a 2X multiplier for Ethereum accounts that have set their ENS name, since it is an indicator that someone is an active user.

ENS and Its Perks!

 Crypto proponent mentions ENS is worth more than UNI, as imitation is not easy. Traders liquidating are advised to hodl as it holds the potential to play as a decentralized names registry. He mentions that it is a backbone Web3 infrastructure with exponential demand growth for use in decentralized apps. 

Collectively, The core components of ENS are decentralized and self-running that is no one can take away another person’s.ETH name. In the first act as a DAO, ENS holders will vote in order to formally request from the ENS root keyholders the ability to govern the protocol, and control fund movements. The strong protocol backing the project could possibly take the token’s price to the moon. For instance, ENS’s price at press time has hit its ATH of $67.97 from its 24-hour low of $37.54.

Photo of Elena R
Photo of Elena R
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