IMGFX – The People Broker

IMGFX was founded in 2020 with some sole purposes we felt the industry was deficient in.

In the last 5 years a lot of new CFD brokers where established which resulted in an even bigger market where the “end” customer aka the retail clients has to choose. 

Choosing from a beginner or intermediate perspective is still not easy. “Not easy” i hear you say ? Well this comes because a lot of brokers come with the same set of standard promises. Pure STP/ECN – 100% A-Book – best execution etc etc. 

We felt we had to step in and make some changes to that. Because besides trading conditions (which is important) there are some other “KEY” factors that come in play. 

We saw the need and demand for a rather more transparent approach to clients. This as in facets as: Client supports – IB structures and payouts – PAM services etc. 

So that is exactly where we wanted to put our focus on. A mainstream transparent approach where the client/IB feels comfortable and has direct insight in the things where most brokers lack on transparency. 

PAM structures: 

Upon speaking with a new “introducer” on our platform we get up and close with that person. This could be in terms of allocating a dedicated account manager to the person as an example. 

We filter the needs and wishes, what does he want? Where does he come from? etc. This to iron out the wishes and also maybe any inconveniences he had with other brokers to make sure those does not happen again. 

Or just simply providing something other platform have a harder time coming trough. In PAM structures we take over all the administration/legal framework etc. 

We discuss the terms and conditions which the pam manager is free to decide on and take care of all the head aches afterwards. This includes as well over the charges of all the symbols, trading account structure and so on..

This gives the PAM manager the feeling we are invested as well in his business for future success. This has become a big part of our business hence the focus we put into this. 

This also points out the infrastructure of the broker. For the PAM manager we service the needs for him to rely on a platform where his client can come to, signup and have secured ways of making the deposit. 

This created trust in the IB for clients to onboard easily and feel confident in making that first transaction. Knowing if there are ever issues the end client can always reach out to us to intermediate in between the client and the PAM manager. 

So the level of control maintains with the clients. These are just a few things on how IMGFX wants to separate themselves from the competition. 

Having that transparent but still very client central approach. With providing a wide range of deposit and withdrawal possibilities.

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