Britons furious amid claims Biden may SNUB Boris for Sturgeon – ‘Keep your nose out’

Boris Johnson 'has been in touch' with Joe Biden says Patel

Prior to Mr Biden’s inauguration, experts have claimed the Democrat may snub any chances of a US-UK trade deal. A trade deal with the US is crucial for the Prime Minister but Ronald MacDonald, research professor of macroeconomics and international finance at Glasgow University’s Adam Smith Business School, stated the President-elect may well support Ms Sturgeon’s bid to break up the union instead. He said: “I cannot see Joe Biden not supporting Scottish independence.

“He will have to respect the democratic wishes of the Scottish people.”

Following his remarks, readers expressed their outrage over the potential snub to the UK.

One said: “Biden is going to be like Obama – a swaggering, arrogant tool that achieves nothing.

“USA is sliding down the pan very quickly.”

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Another said: “He should keep his bloody nose out of the UK’s business with the state the US is in at the moment.

“The US in the rest of the world’s estimation has gone down the toilet.”

A third said: “And when did the world allow the USA to butt into other countries business affairs?

“Butt out Biden or go back to sleep.

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“You’re are just another nationalist who never visits the home country but moans about the struggles of the so-called oppressed.

“Sort out your own divided country.”

A fourth said: “Whatever his private opinion is, I do not believe Biden would blatantly intervene in the internal affairs of the UK in such a manner.

“For one thing, it would be probably counter-productive.”


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The prospects of a trade deal with the US being agreed this year are unclear as it stands.

During his time as Vice President to Barack Obama, Mr Biden had claimed his desire for the UK not to leave the EU.

While not reiterating Mr Obama’s “back of the queue comments”, he did state he had hoped the referendum had gone the other way in 2016. 

Mr Biden has also likened the Prime Minister to Donald Trump and had also hit out at the UK over the introduction of the Internal Market Bill.

The bill had threatened certain elements of the withdrawal agreement relating to Northern Ireland.

Due to the threat to the peace process in Northern Ireland, Mr Biden claimed any future trade deal would not be possible if the terms were passed.

He said: “We can’t allow the Good Friday agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit.

“Any trade deal between the US and UK must be contingent upon respect for the Agreement and preventing the return of a hard border. Period”.

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