Dog turns into ‘unrecognisable creature’ after nap, leaving owner in stitches

A dog owner was left in hysterics when her pet became "unrecognisable" after a nap on a sofa.

Douyin user "shabby dog and its owner" shared the hilarious clip on Friday, January 8, showing the Yorkshire terrier waking up from her nap.

The grey and brown-haired pooch, nicknamed Haidan – meaning sea urchin in English – has her long mane turned into spikes.

Her owner can be heard giggling while the clueless dog looks into the camera.

Haidan performs stretches on the sofa and lets out a yawn.

She says: "This is so funny. Haidan, hahaha, give me a salute!"

The owner puts her hand above her pet and continues: "See the hair is going up, touching my hand!"

She later explained that the incredible transformation happened after Haidan took a nap inside a fleece blanket.

"She got static hair and she didn't know it!" she wrote in the comments.

The clip has been garnered more than 310,000 likes, leaving viewers with joyful tears.

Many said they could not recognise the dog, asking: "Is it you Haidan? What kind of creature have you turned into?"

One viewer said: "This is hilarious! He turns into a hedgehog!"

Another wrote: "That's a real sea urchin there."

"What is that?" a third jokingly asked. "The poor thing looks like a mopping cloth."

The owner later uploaded another clip to explain that she regularly showered Haidan and groomed her hair.

"But her hair turns puffy when she sleeps near a heater at night or inside a fleece blanket," she added.

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